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John formed JohnLine in 2018 upon relocating to the warm waters of South Florida after more than a decade of diving and dive instruction in the Northeast Atlantic area, specifically NY/NJ. His intention and drive has been to serve scuba divers and dive professionals with training focused on safety, preserving the environment, and striving for excellences each step of the way. As a Recreational and Extended Range Technical Diving Instructor Trainer through Scuba Schools International, John promotes quality through higher education and is committed to dive safety through all levels. Join him in establishing a community of divers that are safe, confident, friendly, knowledgable and mentors in the SCUBA diving community.

Upcoming Events

December 14-20, 2019ProfessionalRecreational Assistant Instructor (Blue Grotto)
January 10-14, 2020ProfessionalExtended Range Instructor Training Seminar (XR ITS)
January 17-21, 2020TechnicalSSI Extended Range
February 1-9, 2020ProfessionalRecreational Assistant Instructor (Pompano Beach)
February 13-18 2020TechnicalSSI Extended Range
March 6-10, 2020ProfessionalExtended Range Instructor Training Seminar (XR ITS)

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